by starsick

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formerly titled soft sounds acoustic


released June 30, 2016



all rights reserved


starsick Richmond, Virginia

solo artist
self-taught by ear

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Track Name: childsteeth
weighed with doubt
low, the heart sinks down
over childlike grasp
low, the heart sinks down in qualms

i'm holding on to childsteeth
they're rotting away, only threads remain
gotta let go and sever the decay

grasp the ivory, mend the root
these memories like eden's fruit
callow fingers hold onto you as if you'd see me fit
to see this through

rotting away, quell the decay
coddle my young naiveté

tape the porcelain, heal the roots
snuff the fires and sweep the soot
blossom the buds and feast the fruit
make me feel like i'm something to you
Track Name: baby bonsai
strip my skin and rip my ribs
spill my guts and spill my tears
break my jaw and bite my lip
cut my hair and slip

your hand up my skirt, i am small
my chest hurts, please take control
teach me how to be good for you

i am small, i cling and cry
i drain my blood and i watch your eyes
torn and tired, weary pride
i'm lain in wait of bandage lies

i'll do better, i'll be better for you
i'll do better, i'll be better, anything for you

i am young, i am a child
i built myself with you in mind
blossomed buds, hollow spine
pliant wrists trapped in twine

i am small and starry-eyed
i built you up to such great heights
bared my soul, breathed your sighs

all of space and all of time
in the dark shines a blue light

i'll do better, be better, anything for you
Track Name: girls
and i ask again, again
why am i wrong, where are my faults
fill the cracks with gold

i turn to ash, i turn to stone
i tear apart and envy burns my soul,
my core, my skin,
burning and aching

and i ask again, yet again
why aren't i good enough?
i wasn't good enough, i wasn't pure enough
for he who burns my core
i am hollow, pliant,
i ache for attention
i'm filled with the wrong things

i turn to ash, i turn to stone
i tear apart and jealousy burns my soul,
my core, my skin
burning and aching
Track Name: nametags
devoted & pure,
obedient but torn
between two worlds

kneeling before he who holds the key
carve the metal and claim me
tighten your mark around my throat
make me yours to own

i am a stray seeking shelter
i am the pet that follows you home
i am riddled with insecurity and
my doubt summons storms

my bones became home to whom i've become:
built for him alone