one year's time

by starsick

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released November 17, 2016



all rights reserved


starsick Richmond, Virginia

solo artist
self-taught by ear

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Track Name: sour milk
i am filled with something dull as smoke,
it sits in me as cigarette tar pervades fabric
it hangs heavy in my lungs and throat
a lump rising above my vocal cords, i choke,
i choke

it infects everyone i touch, dulls them,
wears away their newness 'til nothing feels pure anymore
choking on heavy words not yet spoken
it's filling my lungs,
another hope down the drain in the sink
alongside my rotting teeth and carrion marrow;
im rotting again, this body isnt my home
cut me out of my skin
drain it all and start again

i want to peel myself out of this shell, let all the rancid blood go down the drain
scarlet and crimson sanguine stains under my brittle fingernails as i tear through the cage in my chest
Track Name: i tried
i'm tired of being kind and complaisant;
forgiving time, after time, after
who gave you the right to be so cruel and brush it aside?
i've seen how you speak to the english rose,
enamored, lovingly complimentary
but towards me you turn cold,
taunting, insensitive,
i hope you treat her better than this
and remove yourself from your beliefs for the sake of her sanity

i'm sick of being used as entertainment for you to twist and toy with,
i am not a plaything anymore,
i'm not a lab rat to devour, i really hate how you turned out,
there's no excuse for the abuse you say is your father shining through

firsthand carry-down,
in the corner they'll cower, all the same, all the same
generation to generation
it's all the same